Find a Clinician

Last updated: January 2024

This page lists all members of the ANZAOP by state and profession that have agreed to have their details listed publicly. The information is updated frequently. 

Agiannidis, Mr JamesSAOral Health Practitioner
Au A/Prof. AnthonyNSWProsthodontist
Baker, Dr CeliaSADentist
Balasubramaniam, A/Prof RameshWAOral Medicine Specialist
Barianos, Mr Dimitrios (James)SAPhysiotherapist
Beresford, Dr DarrylQLDDentist
Beresford, Dr FrancescaQLDDentist
Boocock, Dr HelenQLDOrofacial Pain Consultant
Chan,Dr JohnnyNSWDentist
Clarkson, Mr AndrewSAPhysiotherapist
Condy, Ms GillianQLDPhysiotherapist
Da Cruz, Dr JosephNSWDentist
da Silva, Dr KatherineSADentist
Delcanho, A/Prof. RobertWAOrofacial Pain Consultant
Dinsdale, AlanaQLDPhysiotherapist
Doan, A/Prof NghiemQLDDentist
Duncan, Ms MargaretVICRetired Physiotherapist
Earl, Dr MarkSADentist
Evans, Dr IsabellaACTDentist
Farella, Professor MauroNZOrthodontist
Field, Ms KarriQLDPhysiotherapist
Fine, Dr RussellWADentist
Flanagan, Dr SimonNTDentist
Fuller, Mr AndrewWAPhysiotherapist
Georgiou, Dr AnastasiaNSWOral Medicine Specialist
Gertzel, Ms SusanVICPhysiotherapist
Gibbs, Dr TomothyQLDDentist
Gilbert, Dr JayceVICPhysiotherapist
Gonzalez-Quinones, Ms SilviaWAPhysiotherapist
Goralsky, Mr DarronVICPhysiotherapist
Gurner, Dr AngelaSADentist
Harlamb, Dr StephenNSWEndodontist
Ho, Dr Quan VanQLDEndodontist
Hogg, Dr DanielleQLDDentist
Holliday, Dr LisaNSWDentist
Huang, Dr AnnaVICDentist
Jacobson, Ms SuzanneVICPhysiotherapist
Joni LevineQLDPhysiotherapist
Kandasamy, Dr SanjivanWAOrthodontist
Kingsbury, Dr PeterVICDentist
Klineberg, Professor Iven NSWRetired Academic Prosthodontist
Krishnan, Dr RohanNSWDentist
Kuk, Dr JessicaWADentist
Kulkarni, Dr SachinVICDentist
Laohachai, Dr MelissaSADentist
Lejmanoski, Dr LenaWADentist
Liberali, Associate Professor SharonSASpecial Needs Specialist
Lillie, Dr BrettTASChiropractor
Locke, Ms DinahVICPhysiotherapist
Mack, Dr FlorianQLDProsthodontist
Maiolo, Dr CosimoSAProsthodontist
McCloy, Dr KarenQLDOrofacial Pain Consultant
McGregor, Dr NeilVICPeriodontist
McSwan, Ms BrionyQLDPhysiotherapist
Mohammed, Dr AmaanVICDentist
Moule, Dr AlexQLDRetired Endodontist
Murray, Professor Greg NSWRetired Academic
Naidu, Dr. ShashiNSWPsychologist
O'Brien, Mr Dave NSWPhysiotherapist
Peck, Professor ChrisSingOrofacial Pain Consultant
Polonowita, Dr AjithNZOral Medicine Specialist
Preston, Dr HarryVICMedical GP
Preston, Dr MargaretVICDentist
Ray, Ms LeighWAPhysiotherapist
Richards, Prof LindsaySAProsthodontist
Rosenberg, Dr Ian WARetired Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
Ryan, Dr JosephACTOral Medicine Specialist
Ryan, Dr MichaelACTDentist
Schiller, Dr Eyk EACDQLDDentist
Seckold, Dr EllieNSWPhysiotherapist
Selvaratnam, A/Prof.PeterVICSpecialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist
Shah, Dr MeetalVICDentist
Siebels, Dr LauraNSWDentist
Singh, Dr NischalVICOrofacial Pain Consultant
Stevens, Dr AnnaWADentist
Stubbs, A/Prof. MichaelVICOral Medicine Specialist
Syme, Ms LaraVICPhysiotherapist
Teo, AdamQLDDentist
Thakkar, Ms RinalNSWPhysiotherapist
Thamby, Dr SriNSWOral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
Thorburn, Dr DennisNZRetired Oral Medicine Specialist
Titmarsh, Dr CallumNSWDentist
Tse, Ms NikkiNZPhysiotherapist
Vegunta, Dr KavithaACTDentist
Vickers, Dr RussellNSWOral Surgeon
Walsh, Mr GregVICPhysiotherapist
Wilkinson, Dr Thomas SARetired Prosthodontist
Wirianski, Mr AlexNSWPhysiotherapist
Zacest, AndrewSANeurosurgeon
Zhan, Dr DanicaNSWDentist